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A very close related is interested in to participate in 2020 summer clinics Juventus will celebrate in its academy in New York City in june. I must say it seems like a very good ideas for hollydays, and a very nice football introduction for a child of 6 years old.

Maybe it’s a little late for him, hope not, but in the bottom would be a unbetterable way for having a good vacations.

In my youth we had no chances like those. Now you have that kind of oportunities and mostly for your kids.

In fact New York has lots of choices for families in summer, but if you or your kids like soccer, can’t imagine a better plan for having two weeks of fun playing soccer.

The club also offer travels to Italy and tournaments all around the world, but if you preffer to your son to stay in New York City, it’s up to you.

In the next days I’ll keep you informed about this and I’ll tell you how worthy is this.

Stay tuned 😎

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