The Lega Serie A airs its anti-racism video before every game this weekend, but Juventus are also using a special edition shirt with racism statistics.

March 21 is the International Day Against Racial Discrimination, so a brief film featuring many Serie A players will air before every match in Italy this weekend.

That’s only the beginning, as Juventus also announced their own initiative.

“The Juventus players will wear on their backs customised versions of the shirt numbers (in accordance to Lega Serie A regulations) that will feature, from 0 to 9, a statistic linked to racism.

“It will first be featured today for Juventus Women’s game away at Fiorentina, kicking off at 14:30 CET and tomorrow, by the Juventus First Team, who will face Benevento at 15:00 CET on the same day at the Allianz Stadium.

“A perfect opportunity to further reinforce the message of the importance of the fight against racial discrimination and through numbers to provide a snapshot as real as possible of the current situation on the issue as real as possible.”

The numbers listed on the jerseys are:

0 – The number of days without a racist act taking place in Italy.

1 – In Europe, one out of three black people experience racial harassment.

2 – In the US, black households are two times more likely to experience food insecurity than white households.

3 – Black Americans are three times more likely than whites to be killed by the police.

4 – In Italy, only 4% of hate crimes were convicted in 2018.

5 – 5% of black people in the EU have experienced racial aggression.

6 – In the US, six out of 10 blacks say they are treated less fairly than whites.

7 – In Europe, 7% of victims didn’t report racial aggression for fear of not being believed.

8 – In 2019, racism and xenophobia were the main motivations behind more than 800 hate crimes in Italy.

9 – Nine in 10 Americans believe that racism and police violence are problems within their country.

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