One of the positive outcomes of the year-long global fight against Covid-19 is that it has shown us that we can continue to talk, do business and overcome obstacles to communication. Whilst none of us enjoy being glued to our phones or stuck on endless Zoom calls, we can speak to (and see) friends, colleagues and associates in different timezones at no cost or low cost at any time of day or night. I sometimes think we take that for granted.

My work often causes me to make calls at odd times of my working day, but the flexibility that technology gives me to do this is something I’m grateful for. I wonder how long it will be until truly immersive technology goes mainstream, resulting in our video calls moving away from the two-dimensional to 3D. I’m curious to know when virtual reality and augmented reality will truly transform our ability to interact. How much better would it be to feel as if you’re actually sitting around a boardroom table with people from different continents, rather than staring at a 2D laptop, with tiles of faces?

I predict that 5G technology and ultra-fast broadband connections will become the norm even quicker than the experts are predicting, and that this will help lift emerging markets swiftly up the value chain. There will always be a place for face to face meetings, and indeed there are times when they are vital. Developing rapport, seeing sites with your own eyes and getting a feel for an operation, country or culture cannot be replicated virtually. Yet, as technology leads us forward, we will be able to be even more environmentally conscious and selective about our travel plans.

Four countries that I’m especially keen to visit in the near future are Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These nations are brimming with creativity and vitality. They are youthful and hungry to develop. Pioneering entrepreneurs have already created dynamic ventures, and I’m glad to see that many of the most successful new businesses and partnerships emerging have a strong emphasis on sustainability and on ensuring that all parts of the value chain benefit.

If you’re reading this and wondering whether you can play a role in building businesses that straddle continents and create sustainable capitalism, I’d encourage you to be bold. We live in a time like no other. Not only are the opportunities plentiful, but global connectivity and the deep digital reservoir of knowledge give us all the tools we need to succeed. Fortis Fortuna adiuvat!

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