The Redevelopment of Roosevelt Roads and the promotion of economic activity is a high priority for the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), the designated secretary of the DDEC, Manuel Cidre, said Wednesday.

The Roosevelt Roads facilities, located in the southeast / east region of Puerto Rico, is “undoubtedly the most important economic development pole in Puerto Rico with development capacity for tourism, housing, retail trade, boat maintenance, recreation, hotels and manufacturing, among others, “he added in a visit today.

Cidre made a tour of the grounds of the old military base, together with the mayor of Ceiba, Samuel Rivera; the Senator for the Carolina District, Marissa Jiménez; and Roosevelt Roads Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Designate Nilda Marchan.

“Roosevelt Roads has development potential in its port front, the maritime industry and cruise ships, but also, with energy projects, hospital facilities, recreational spaces for the enjoyment of citizens and the development of local businesses,” said Cidre.

“The commitment of all public and private sectors is important, to make this project one of the future,” he added.

For his part, the mayor of Ceiba, stressed that the revitalization of Roosevelt Roads will attract employment opportunities not only for his municipality, but for the entire region.

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